3. Obligatory superhero portrait for a secret work project. 

  4. Saturday self portrait

  6. More Polygon.com people polygonized.  

  7. Portrait of photographer Jessyel Ty Gonzalez  jessyel.com

  8. Portrait of Justin Glow

  9. Mr. Beck shows off my updated generation tool featuring pinstripe textures and curved lines.

  10. Additions to the Polygon.com reporter portrait set. 1. Alexa Ray Corriea @AlexaRayC, 2. Dave Tach @dptach

  11. People behind the upcoming video gaming news & culture website Polygon.com

  12. Some of the portraits generated for Polygon.com.

  13. Playing with Raphael. Check out the interactive version at: http://j-s-c.net/raphaeljs/01/.

  14. Björk’s Crystalline themed cover illustration for Russian F5 magazine. http://f5.ru/magazine

  15. Commissioned portrait of mysterious mister Kuoppa for Jaakko Veijola’s art project www.kuoppa.fi